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Here we talk about everything related to you, your money and your journey into adulthood. 

Think of me as your virtual big sister! I share all of the things I wish I knew but nobody told me when I was in your shoes.

Making the transition from high school to university, trades school, the working world ….or whatever you choose to do can be super overwhelming…and expensive.

If you don’t know where to start, I can help!

High school was effective in teaching me basic algebra, how to structure an essay and even how to dissect a pig (super gross).

Arguably important skills but not super helpful in preparing for the real world.

What I wish I had learned in high school is how to make a simple budget.

How to choose and use a credit card.

When and how I should start investing my money.

How to stay out of debt.

You know, basic personal finance skills that are required to be successful in life. 

I’m here to fill in some of the gaps. This blog is for you if….

I hope you stick around so we can navigate life in the “real world” together.